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Decision Assurance

Better decisions from trusted data.

What We Do

The purpose of data analyses is to facilitate better decisions. At Tachyon, we believe the recipe for astute decisions has two key ingredients. Start with trusted data. Add wisdom. We provide the first so that you can apply the second.

Tachyon provides data assurance solutions using proprietary technology founded upon a blockchain matrix architecture. When analysing data from disparate sources, the assurance of authenticity (where and who it came from) and pedigree of integrity (has it been altered) becomes crucial. Knowing both provides confidence and certainty to your decision making.

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Data Authenticity

When, where, how, under what conditions and what criteria was the data captured?  Our solutions preserve the answers to these questions thanks to blockchain secured immutable meta data alongside the core data at the point and time of origin.

Data Integrity

Analysts may add to, redact, and/or share the data.  Our solutions capture such activities as append-only meta data, whilst protecting the identities of participating parties, yet offering full visibility to what has been done to the data each and every step of the way.

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Data as a Service

Tell us the data you need. We assemble the hardware and software packages to collect it. Once we give it to you, it’s only for you if that is your preference. We do all of this within the framework of our data assurance platform.

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Existing Data

If your organization is already collecting, analyzing, and sharing data, our solution works alongside existing storage platforms and security controls to provide assurance moving forward.

Areas We Serve

Tachyon's solutions are applicable to industries where performance depends on timely, reliable sharing of information within a secure, permissions based framework.

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  • Power grid management

  • Power distribution management

Land Management

  • Crop monitoring

  • Wildlife monitoring

  • Long term soil measurements



  • Trusted ISR exchange between coalition partners

  • Data assurance over ad-hoc networks


  • Medical records

  • Medical device communications

  • Hospital administration


Supply Chain

  • Secure supply chains

  • Smart contracts

  • Fraud detection

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