In today’s rapidly-changing world, proprietary systems, services and solutions are out-of-date. One vendor cannot “do it all” or hope to stay up with the state-of-the-art in every element of a sophisticated and complex communications system.

Standards-Based and Open-Sourced Are in Our DNA

“Everything changes”, over time or even in development, and Tachyon has developed the tools, products and services that can take disparate products and software from multiple vendors and architect them into a complete whole that can also develop over time as needed to fulfill needs unknown today.


Our products rely on standards-based approaches to anything that makes sense.  Unless there is a compelling mission-critical reason, why develop something when others have done a credible job? Our modems, airborne and VSAT terminals, video servers, storage devices, operating systems and communications platform (ComForm) embody this open-standards and open-sourced approach.


Our services follow the same philosophy.  We can monitor and report on other companies’ hardware and software, incorporating it into our overall set of services designed to provide you with unparallelled up-time.


Our solutions also think the same.  We can integrate anything you need … different satellite bands, satellites and dishes to shipboard rudder-control systems, wireless communications and beyond.


Let us know what you need.